country's mineral achievement system is further improved

Recently, three mineral geographies of "China's Mineral Geology·Mineral Field Structure", "China's Mineral Geology·Graphite Mine" and "China's Mineral Geology·Pyrophyllite Mine" have passed the review and acceptance.

This acceptance was carried out by experts organized by the Institute of Mineral Resources, China Geological Survey. Among them, "China Mineral Geology: Mine Field Structure Volume" was undertaken by the Institute of Geomechanics, China Geological Survey, "China Mineral Geology: Graphite Minerals Volume" "China Mineral Geology, Pyrophyllite Mine Volume" is undertaken by China Building Materials Industry Geological Exploration Center.

"China Mineral Geology: Mining Field Structure Volume" is divided into 38 chapters, including history, theoretical methods, energy and minerals, metal minerals, non-metallic minerals, water, gas and minerals, and appendices, with a total of about 656,000 words. This chronicle systematically sorts out the history of ore field tectonic research and application, summarizes the theories, methods and technologies of ore field tectonic research and application, and enumerates ore field tectonic research and ore prospecting prediction examples of typical metal deposits, covering many countries in my country. An important energy, bulk and strategic emerging mineral.

"China's Mineral Geology - Graphite Mine Volume" has 14 chapters and about 700,000 words. This chronicle comprehensively collects and sorts out the geological data, development and utilization information and scientific research achievements of China's discovered graphite mineral fields, and realizes the full coverage of China's graphite mineral fields for the first time. The latest achievements, divided into 6 regions of Northwest China, North China, Northeast China, Southwest China, Central South China and East China, systematically discussed the brief history of discovery and exploration of nearly 100 typical graphite deposits in China, regional geological background, deposit geological characteristics, metallogenic geological conditions, etc. The distribution map of graphite deposits in China and the distribution map of mineral deposits in various regions are compiled, reflecting the overall picture of China's graphite mineral resources; the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics and metallogenic laws of China's graphite deposits are studied and summarized, and the metallogenic zones of China's graphite deposits are divided. The metallogenic characteristics of each metallogenic zone; discussed the relationship between China's tectonic evolution and graphite mineralization, established the metallogenic model of China's graphite deposits, compiled the metallogenic regular map of China's 1:5 million graphite deposits, and delineated the ore clusters. Areas and metallogenic prospective areas, pointed out the prospecting direction, put forward suggestions on the deployment of mineral exploration work, and industry development countermeasures and measures.

"China Mineral Geology: Pyrophyllite Mine Volume" has 14 chapters and about 180,000 words. This chronicle comprehensively introduces the exploration and development history of pyrophyllite mineral resources in China, as well as the physicochemical properties, uses, geological characteristics, and resource profiles of pyrophyllite deposits. The reserves of pyrophyllite mineral resources, the number of mineral fields, the types of major deposits, exploration and development and utilization in five regions including Northwest China, North China, Northeast China, Central South and East China reflect the overall picture of pyrophyllite mineral resources in China; 21 typical deposits were selected , focusing on the discovery and exploration history of the deposit, the geological characteristics of the deposit, the genesis of the deposit, the geological conditions for prospecting and the metallogenic prediction; the metallogenic regular map of China's 1:5,000,000 pyrophyllite deposit was compiled, and a systematic summary of China's pyrophyllite deposits was made. The temporal and spatial distribution of resources is analyzed, the relationship between pyrophyllite mineralization and tectonic evolution is analyzed, the ore concentration areas are divided, the geological and mineral characteristics and prospecting prospects of the main ore concentration areas are discussed, and the resource potential is analyzed.

The completion of the three chronicles has further enriched and improved the achievement system of "China Mineral Geology", which not only promotes the scientific development of regional mineralogy and ore prospecting and exploration, but also provides a scientific basis for the high-quality development of my country's mining industry. From the perspective of mineral resources, it provides a security guarantee for solving the country's urgent and long-term needs.