"Wolf Smoke" in the Chinese market bring to the pump valve?

Affected by the epidemic, 2020 will be a very challenging year for the environmental governance industry, but this year also has a more special significance in the field of environmental protection equipment manufacturing including pumps and valves.

    On the one hand, according to the industrial goals set by the top-level design, the manufacturing of environmental protection equipment will usher in a new atmosphere by 2020, and the innovative drive system will basically take shape; on the other hand, players in the field of pump, pipe and valve have also undergone profound changes this year, and the market is fierce. unprecedented. As the person in charge of the relevant company said, "After the epidemic, what changes have taken place in the pump, pipe and valve industry, and how are the companies doing? It can be seen from the current enthusiasm for registration of exhibitors at the Expo and the World Expo."

    From a larger perspective, both "local players" and cross-border giants all point to a future battle, a competition about pump and pipe valves, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and a market competition. The struggle for the right to speak and the game.

    The differentiation is intensified, where is the line of survival

    "The performance of environmental protection companies in the first half of the year was generally better than expected, but we also see that the second half of the year is still facing a severe situation." Even if the results are higher than expected, it does not mean that pump, pipe and valve companies can take a breather.

    Under the combined influence of the concentrated release of production capacity in the environmental protection market and the continuous extension of project boundaries, the market segments of pumps and valves and the pattern of enterprises are changing. After years of industry upsurge, what impressed the industry is that the top team in the pump, pipe and valve industry has gradually formed, and the swarms of small and medium-sized enterprises have also entered the stage of "industry reshuffle".

    The smoke of gunpowder in the local pump valve market has not yet dissipated, and the competition in the second half has already begun. The existing stock sector needs more professional and refined pump, pipe and valve system services, and the industry's survival line will also be improved. After going through the "wild era", the pump valve market seems to have a fixed pattern, but in fact it is still surging. Leading companies are also accelerating market penetration, shifting their focus to third- and fourth-tier and township projects, and harvesting future emerging markets based on their radiation breadth and network layout. And more small and medium-sized pump and pipe valves are changing from OEM manufacturers to original design manufacturers and brand owners.

    This is just a microcosm of the changes in the pump valve equipment industry.

   Seize the incremental space

    Another increasingly obvious trend is that pump valve companies are increasingly interested in comprehensive and large-scale market cakes. Compared with the previous form of equipment manufacturing, today's pump pipe valve project is no longer a single delivery equipment can be completed. In the context of project integration, the advantages of individual projects for pump, pipe and valve equipment companies are no longer prominent, including the integration of plant and network and comprehensive environmental protection bundling and packaging projects have become a trend.

    "The epidemic has created more online opportunities, and it has also changed the order structure. Customized services with short cycles and small batches have become a new trend for pump and pipe valves." The industry believes that Internet marketing is breaking the poor marketing channels of many pump and pipe valve manufacturers. At the same time, the "ceiling" of difficult transformation and upgrading has given birth to the demand and motivation for enterprises to rely on technological innovation and independent brands to realize the comprehensive improvement of product chain and management capabilities.

    Benefiting from this, the market size and imagination space of pump and pipe valves may be more than the former. Or because of this, a new round of predators began to enter the game. As said by the person in charge of the relevant pump and valve companies that will be unveiled at the World Environmental Conference, "Every company is still looking for incremental space, and divides 'Nuggets' according to the resources at hand." Different from the past, this time The bet is on who survives the ever-increasing elimination round!

   The second half starts from "new"

    The imagination space of traditional pump, pipe and valve equipment manufacturing has gradually approached the ceiling, and the imagination of intelligent manufacturing of environmental protection equipment based on this has just begun. As the Pump and Pipe Valve Qualifiers draw to a close, the next window of opportunity for all contestants in the field of pump and pipe valve improvement has opened.

    From the perspective of the development of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, pump valve equipment is entering a new round of transformation and iteration, and more subdivision, systematization, and lean requirements are gradually being incorporated into the supply and demand side. The challenges of enterprises are also huge opportunities for the industry. Originality, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, comprehensive services, the opportunities and infinite possibilities behind the pump and pipe valves are being stimulated step by step.

    Although the essence of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement has become the standard of pump valve equipment and overall solutions, and even regarded as a sharp weapon to seize market opportunities, but looking back on the development history of the pump valve industry, it is far from the current situation. received attention. Going back to the beginning of the birth of the pump and valve market, there was not too much technical gap between enterprises at that time, and the manufacturing of pump and valve has always been a low-threshold industry. Many companies that enter the pump pipe valve have not survived by relying on the competitiveness of technology, market positioning and business model innovation.

    "Any transformation is a rebirth from ashes, and the pump, pipe and valve equipment industry chain is no exception." Respondents generally believe that in the face of the ever-changing market environment, only consolidating "new content" is the constant king. Only with an independent brand that moves forward in the direction of the wind, a clear development route and a differentiated layout can we build a strong subject for high-quality development of the pump, pipe and valve industry.

    The pump tube valve, the new wisdom made hot soil, is gradually taking shape.